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Can a PFI Company perform subsequent PFI investigations for the same entity?

FAQ Response

PFI Companies must adhere to the independence requirements of the PFI program as defined in the PFI Qualification Requirements and Program Guide. Whether a PFI Company can conduct a PFI investigation more than once on the same entity will depend on circumstance. For example; if during an investigation the PFI Company carried out work which impacted the PCI DSS compliance status of the entity, and the entity subsequently identifies or suspects a breach, that PFI Company is not able to satisfy the independence requirements for a subsequent investigation.  

Each payment brand has their own rules when a PFI must be engaged, and merchants should consult their acquirer and/or the payment brands concerning any issues which may influence a PFI Company’s ability to perform an independent investigation. 

Payment brand contact details are provided in How do I contact the payment card brands?


November 2016
Article Number 1444